First Episode

In this first episode, we will be looking at the world-building capacity of blockchain, and its potential to re-formulate social relations and re-address power structures.

Second Episode

In this episode we’ll be looking more closely at Blockchain Technologies. 
How they could be used as a tool for organizing or collaboration,  and as a way to decentralize society.

If you’re expecting to learn about crypto currencies and NFTs, this is probably not your podcast. we’re going to delve into the other, alternative, potential uses of blockchain.

Third Episode

In this episode we are going to try to navigate this muddy terrain and question: what is value beyond the market? 

And how blockchain can reframe the notion of value. We unravel threads of thinking about value in a different way, as a fluid, diverse practice that is not dominated by capital relations. Speculation plays a huge role in this process, so we will explore world-building as methodology to develop more social uses of blockchain. 

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